About New Day Christian Centre (NDCC)

What to expect

You can expect an atmosphere of praise, worship and fellowship. There is also a Word from the Lord which will empower you to live victoriously in this present world. The safety of the members, family, friends and visitors remains our highest priority. We have introduced new measures so you can enjoy our worship services in a comfortable and safe environment.


Do I need to be a Christian to attend?

No, Sunday morning worship is for everyone regardless of your religious beliefs, background or social status. You are also welcome to bring someone along with you so we can share fellowship together.

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How will Morning Worship benefit you?

Many Christians attend Church every week and find they are encouraged in a number of ways in their Christian walk.

It is also true that many believers attending churches over the years admitted to wishing they had more knowledge of their Bible and admired people who seemed to know the Bible.

Most Christians understand the importance of underpinning their faith with an intelligent understanding of the Bible.

Morning Worship at New Day Christian Centre (NDCC) will stimulate, challenge and build an understanding of God's Word in an intelligent, informal, yet powerful way so that any man or woman can be fully equipped in Christ!